Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vaccine Madness!

Something has been on my mind lately. Maybe its simply because the conversation has come up more or maybe it truly is increasing, but, Ive noticed an increasing number of people flat refusing to vaccinate at all.

Many people know that my third child is only partially vaccinated. I have concerns with a couple and literature telling me that a particular vaccine is unsafe for her. I do not have proof that my son's autism was caused partially or fully by vaccines. I do however have records of  vaccines that correlates with onset of symptoms.

Anyhow this post isn't really about vaccines causing autism or not causing autism. Its about children's health and well being. Before you refuse to vaccinate your child please PLEASE do your research on each individual vaccine and weigh your decision carefully.

If you choose not to vaccinate against a disease, do you know the symptoms of that disease ? Do you know what the disease will probably do and what in the worst case scenario it could do? Do you know what treatments are available?
Are you a stay at home mom who can easily keep our child home to prevent it from spreading or is your child in daycare, making it more likely he/she will contract something and you will loose pay from work?

Are there ways you can make the vaccines safer such as spreading them out, not giving tylenol before the vaccine, and giving vitamin supplements before and after?

If after all of the above you decide that 1,2 or all of the vaccines are not good for your child ok,  just know that you must be prepared to deal with whatever happens.

To all the doctors out there. Many parents are becoming concerned about the safety of vaccinations. Many of you are dismissing us from your practice because we refuse to fully vaccinate. May I remind you that you are there to be a partner in our children's treatment? Instead of unethical bullying tactics why not hear our concerns and work with us to find the vaccines that are safe for our individual children and give them at times to promote optimal safety, not according to a schedule of convenience?

Do NOT dismiss us as over emotional and throw "research" at us that is done by the very people that are making money off the vaccinations.


  1. Also, make sure you research what vaccines are made of and how they are made, so you can balance the two sides.

  2. Great point Ginger and something I should have mentioned in my post.

    Here are a few sites from both sides of the fence.