Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm confused: Enzymes vs. Diet

Ok my blog has about 0 followers right now but I am going to type this out anyway. If someone happens upon this post and has a helpful comment well jump right in :D.

On a gluten,casein,soy free diet my son's agressive behavior greatly decreased but he was constantly hungry and constantly craving non allowed food. We had to padlock our pantry because he was constantly after food in it.

Two weeks ago we started giving him food enzymes with meals and allowed him to have all foods. I continued gfcf snacks at school because I cannot be there to give the enzymes all day.

Ive looked over his school reports carefully along with my own observations at school and at home. His hyperactivity and aggressiveness has increased some and I fear it might get even worse again. 

There are other factors that could be involved. The return from christmas break followed by 2 days off due to snow and ice.

Ive also noticed something unexpected. His ability to choose and do things without being told or physically guided has surfaced over the past week. For example, during center time he went and got a toy and showed his para then sat down and played with it. On the diet he seems to have an obsession with eating . He would choose a snack or drink picture 90% of the time over any other activities. With the enzymes and a greater variety of food this obsession has nearly vanished.

So now I have to the increased aggressiveness due to confusion because of the normal break in schedule and nothing to worry about? Or is it a reaction due to non allowed foods and going to get worse as time goes by? If it is due to allergens then is there a nutrient he is missing with the gfcf diet that needs to be supplemented better? Or possibly does the enzyme dosage need to be increased and/or given during snacks also?

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  1. Great Blog, girl!!
    Regarding enzymes and diet. I do not believe it is an either/or, but a both/and.
    Our family has been doing the GAPS diet. It is not only about avoiding the foods that cause problems, but concentrates on healing the gut so that the food issues will go away in a couple of years. Google it. I think it would really help. Yeah, they will get into "illegal" foods when they are not in your care, but that won't last forever. Soon, they will be homeschooled and you can monitor better.
    Last thought: put everyone on the diet. It is good for all, and can only help. That way, you won't have any "illegal" food in the house to tempt him. This is how we are able to keep on the diet. There is no way for the kids to cheat as they are not old enough to go to the store by themselves!