Monday, January 24, 2011


Right now my children are wards of the state.2 of the 3 will be coming home next year and I can't wait. No, child protective services didn't take them away or anything like that :) they go to public school. From 7:30 a.m -3:20 pm each weekday the state tells them when and how long to work on a subject, what to learn, when to eat, when they can use the restroom, ect.
Ok I'm hearing it already gee, isn't that a bit harsh N-sanity?  What about the excellent highly trained teachers? What about preparing for college? Socialization, working together on projects? How about that nifty free breakfast for all and for some kids free lunch? Some kids wouldn't eat if it were not for the free breakfast and lunch at school. Why!?? would you want to home school?

To make it clear, I love love LOVE many of the teachers in our district.I am thankful to have great teachers for my kids while I recovered this year. Most really seem to have a huge heart for our kiddos. They give up their personal time to run booths at carnivals and teach at church functions after school hours. They really want to see the kids succeed but they are limited. They have classes of 20-30 students which makes it impossible to teach one on one. They are forced to teach by the curriculum .As trained as they may be, I know my children best. At home I can slow down if one is not getting a concept or move on when I see they are getting bored. If a certain curriculum dosen't click with my children I can change it.
College? Homeschooled students do better on standardized tests and college entry.  On average homeschooled students scored higher on standardized tests, and are admitted into honors classes at a higher rate.

Socialization and group projects? Ok even those who really object to homeschooling will usually admit that, on average we are out involved in the community and don't lock our kids in a dungeon under the house. In my adult life I cannot think of a time I was put on a project because my last name was in the v-z range or because all people of the same age were assigned to it. No, it was based on whether my ability, interest, education, and personality would contribute to the project in a positive way.

All over the U.S. kids and parents get together in co-ops. They have classes, take field trips together, put on plays and musicals, and preform service projects together. There are people of different ages and talents working together with younger or less experienced ones learning as they go.

The last common subject, school breakfast and lunches. At risk of sounding callous, I must say it is the parent's responsibility to feed their children not the school's. If food is honestly a problem there are many ways to lower other expenses or get assistance that not only feed kids but feed them much healthier meals than served at most public schools.

Why would I want to homeschool? Because I'm selfish :) I like being the first one they come tell the end of their book to , the one the practice reciting their bible versus to, the one that gets to watch the light bulb go off when they finally get how to write 25,000,000 in expanded notation by powers of 10, and the one they snuggle up with in the early morning as the bus drives right on by :)

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  1. I totally agree. For those reasons, and many others, I am home schooling my children.

    I just can't imagine sending my children away for someone else to raise them for 3/4's of the day. Especially when that someone(s) is teaching them ideas and goals that I don't at all agree with.