Monday, March 21, 2011

First swim of the season

Wouldn't it be kewl if this post has a picture? Well, it dosen't but one day soon I'll actually get pictures and post them.

I got a new camera. I brought it to the hotel with me. We all got ready to go swimming and I left it up in the room. Mr. Hyper boy was already 1. In a strange new place 2. Dressed and ready to go swimming 3. Had the pool in sight.

He has a very hard time understanding we are coming right back. I wanted him and the girls to have a good time and I knew if I drug him out of the pool area and back upstairs for the camera I'd be in for quite a tantrum.

I did not want to deal with a screaming 9 year old dropping to the floor in the middle of hotel halls :) Therefore, our first swim of the season is picture free.

Babycakes improved on her swimming skills and will be swimming more the last 9 weeks of school for her P.E. credit. Spunky monkey met a little friend and had a great time diving for coins. Mr Hyper just amazed me with his progress in just an hour! In the past he has always spent most of the time just sitting on the side of the pool then clinging to me so badly I needed a crowbar to pry him off. I can't figure it out though because this is the same child that has gone running into our pond, would take 5 baths a day if I let him and would likely go right into the lake behind our house if given a chance. He has absolutely 0 fear of water everywhere except swimming pools.
Yesterday I let him spend about 10 minutes sitting at the side of the pool. He needs that time to really asses his surroundings and get comfortable. Once he seemed to relax a bit I brought him in the pool to bounce and play motor boat a bit.
Then I got him to let go of me and hang on to the side alone for a minute. It helped build confidence in him and gave me a chance to work with the girls. Once I took him off the side he was happily willing to just hold onto my hands instead of my entire body using both his arms and legs. He kicked his legs, blew bubbles for me and squealed with delight.

At the end we got in the hot tub for a few minutes to warm up. Mr. Hyper laid his head on my shoulder and almost fell asleep.

Oh yea! Me thinks we will be going swimming a LOT this year ;)

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